Best Spinning Rods – Reviews, Specs and Features

The spinning rod is a must-have when you go fishing. Many factors need to be considered when you are buying a best spinning rod, including its weight, power, material, durability, and many other specifications. This review is going to be an interesting one because it is not a bot review; instead, I’ll share my personal experiences too.

Best Spinning Rods

G.Loomis E6X Spinning Rod

What convinced me to buy G.Loomis E6X Spinning Rod? To be honest, its hype. When it was launched, people were going crazy over it. So, I being fond of fishing decided to give it a shot. I wasn’t afraid to try G.Loomis E6X, because the brand is known for its quality products. One impressive thing about this spinning rod is that it is saltwater friendly. Your money won’t rust away in saline water.

This fishing rod is more affordable as compared to other rods, under the same price range. So thumbs up for the affordability.

I use various techniques while fishing. Sometimes I prefer fishing for bass, or maybe trout at times, but this spinning rod doesn’t limit my experience. This rod offers a versatile fishing experience. This part was the impressive one.

Loomis E6X Spinning Rod is extremely suitable for medium to heavy fish catches and it is efficient. Unlike other spinning rods, you don’t need to furiously pull the fishes. My experience was quite smooth when it came to pulling back fishes.

I could feel my grip being a stronger one and thanks to its full cork grip handle. The natural cork of the rod made sure that I comfortably hold the rod, even if my hands were wet. Also, my experience was a warmer one is cold weather because natural cork tends to stay a little warmer. So I held the rod with my full grip.

My spinning rod seller suggested to me E6X because of its Fuji aluminum guides, which are low profile and don’t make the spinning rod heavy. Fuji aluminum is known for reducing friction. It keeps a great balance while fishing and is highly sensitive. Its Fuji reel seat made sure that I don’t miss any fish bite, even the slightest one.

I’d highly suggest anglers to purchase this best spinning rod because it is worth it. I don’t want to brag but there anything negative about this fishing rod except the price. Few people find the price a little higher. But what I believe is that it offers a lot more than what is being already offered at the same prices

G.Loomis Greenwater Spinning Rod

This fishing rod is a whole new experience. A great choice for saline water fishing and sneaky powerful to catch bigger fishes. This series contains all light-weighted spinning rods, with high sensitivity, high performance and designed to catch huge fishes.

There are many variants of this one of the best spinning rod, let’s check them one by one:

  • GWR 782S: Not bad for a lightweight fish catch. It has a very mild tip, suitable for light-duty fishing.
  • GWMR 783S: 6’6 fishing rod, a go-to option for medium to heavy fish catches. Its strong butt-section that helps hunt weedless rigs. It is suitable in situations when you have to pass the hook through plastic and then into the fish.
  • GWPR 842S: A 7” fishing rod, with moderate fast action and best suitable for medium-light fish catches. Its fiber blend technology makes sure that it offers perfect balance and sensitivity.
  • GWPR 843S: How about catching bonefishes in shallow water? Because this is one is suitable for this purpose. You may catch a little heavier fish with this rod.
  • GWR 9000S: A 7′ 6″ spinning rod, with magnum light power, and best for catching light jigs. I enjoy the dog walking actions it gives when I hold this rod with its tip-up position and shake it slightly.
  • GWR 901S: Something big in this series. It supports the huge fish catches. This one is 7’ 6” and acts very efficiently. It offers a versatile fish catch because it supports huge fish catches along with small ones too.
  • GWR 930S: A solution when the fish bite gets tough. This 7′ 9″ is known for its extra fast action with magnum medium power.
  • GWR 981S: The most powerful rod in this series, designed to ignore the size of fish caught, because its power to catch fishes is huge!

St. Croix Premier Series Spinning Rod

You might have a different opinion, but I believe that graphite rods still rule the spinning rods. For me, graphite rods are over everything. I like the ancient feel that it gives and of course, the durability it offers it undoubtedly great.

St. Croix Premier Series Spinning Rod is made up of premium quality of SCII graphite. Graphite is known for its sensitivity. The level of stiffness might differ in each rod, but sensitivity matters. Fiberglass owns the hype but we all know, fiber glasses aren’t that sensitive.

6.6 feet spinning rod is not a bad option. You can tackle a huge number of fishes within this range. The part that is very impressive about this fishing rod is that the whole rod is dual coated with Flex Coat Finish. We all know that the flex coat finish enhances the life of the product. In this case, it increases the life of up to five years.

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Despite being made up of graphite and being a stronger option, it is lighter in weight. This means a huge shock can make it fracture.

St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

Continuously jigging for hours can make your fishing day into a wrist and arm work out day, yet St.Croix Triumph Spinning Rod is a solution to such problems. It reduces the weight on your arms and wrists and gives you the best results. This spinning rod is made up of graphite. The graphite material is beyond doubt, especially when it comes to its durability.

Moreover, this rod has great power when it comes to pulling out the fishes smoothly out of water. I have suffered from fracturing my rods while pulling out huge catches. But in this case, the fish pull was a smooth experience. At times, fish tangle themselves in the rod making it difficult for the angler to pull, but it is not the case here.

St.Croix Triumph Spinning Rod has a huge series of fishing rods under it. Each has different specifications, and vary from each other in weight, power, and size. Well, one thing I am sure with is that these rods are rustproof. It has hard aluminum oxide, which is known for keeping the things away from the rust.

Well, reel seats could have been improved. I felt like reel seats being a little flimsy. No angler would expect such a drawback from a huge brand.

Okuma SST Travel Spinning Rod

Okuma is designed in such a way that it can be separated into 3 pieces to easy the portability factor. Well, carrying fishing rods can be a little difficult but Okuma has solved the problem. The second exciting part thing is its body made up of graphite. As I mentioned above several times, graphite material doesn’t need any justification. It is a very reliable material used to make fishing rods.

Moreover, its stainless steel guide frames and hook keepers extend its life. Now I don’t mean to say that stainless steel doesn’t corrode or rust the rod, but it increases the shelf life.

  • Okuma SST Travel Spinning Rod has a series that vary from each other due to difference in weights and other specifications. Here are the following:
  • SST-S-663L: This one has the lightest power to catch the fish and weights 4.0 oz. It can be separated into three pieces to make transportation easy and later joined together.
  • SST-S-763MH: Its length is 7′ 6″ and serves better than 663L. But its fish catch is also limited and cannot bear a very huge fish catch.
  • SST-S-863MH: Fast action spinning rod, weighing 6.4 oz. This one can bear the medium fish catch and is more reliable as compared to both of the above.
  • SST-S-1064MH: The heaviest duty among the above-mentioned rods, weighing 7.7 oz. and is 10′ 6’ tall. It can be separated into 4 pieces for transportability purposes.

Sadly, few people have complained about the Okuma rod getting rupture while they were catching a huge fish. So I guess, this type of fishing rod might not be suitable for a very big fish catch.

Shimano Curado Spinning Rod

One thing I am sure about Shimano Curado is that it won’t disappoint anglers when it comes to sensitivity. This is because; this rod is made up of hybrid high modulus UD carbon, along with nano resin blank. It is a very reliable and long-lasting option. At least in my case, I can trust Shimano!

Fuji components are well known in building reliable fishing rods. The good news is that this fishing rod is constructed of fuji components throughout along with its reel seat too!

Shimano has a huge series of fishing rods that don’t limit the anglers to practice a particular fishing style during the marine experience. Here we are going to discuss a few.

My all-time favorite Curado is the 7’6’’ one that is known for a medium-heavy fish catch. It has a really good bend when it comes to shifting the fishes in boat or kayak.

Then comes the moderate action Shimano Curado with 7’. The glass feels it offers is something I can never resist. Few anglers believe that is light, but for me, it is a winner for sure.

Another one is the Shimano 7’1″ Medium. Its handle length is 14’’ and has 8 guides. It is known as extra fast among its variations.

Then comes Shimano Curado Spinning Rod 6’10”, with 7 guides along with a tip. Its handle length is 13-1/2″ and Line Wt. 6-20lb. It is labeled as Medium Light among its variations.

One thing to be noticed is that Shimano’s medium power fishing rod would serve you as a medium-heavy, considering other brands along with it. I loved the strength of this power. For me, Shimano Curado Spinning rods are always a reliable option. I call it an all-purpose rod. It serves you with its utmost best, without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod

Fenwick is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the spinning rod. Being specific about HMG, I’ve enjoyed every sort of fishing with this rod including walleye, pike, and bass. Its AAA grade grip cork handle makes sure that the rod doesn’t slip out of the angler’s grip, nether the angler finds it difficult to hold this rod in any weather situation. Apart from the good grip, the rod is made up of high-grade graphite, increasing the durability of the rod and making it sturdier.

One thing beneficial is that HMG is just a simple rod, which means you need to purchase the reel and line by yourself. This adds up the cost but I didn’t have any problem in doing so until it is serving me to its best. However, people find it problematic, especially beginners because they don’t know how to assemble and disassemble it. Its reel seat is made up of Fuji VSS. Here you need to make the correct choice by choosing the right reel according to the seat.

This series contains a wide number of models under it that vary from each other in specifications and weight. The series includes:

  • Light (6’)
  • Ultra-light (7’),
  • Medium-light (7’6),
  • Medium-heavy (7’) and a few lot more.

For me, this fishing rod is worth it. This is because the specification it offers within the price range is amazing. Also, I’d suggest beginners go for this one because it offers another experience.

Fenwick HMG Inshore Spinning Rod

A gift for inshore anglers to enjoy the fish hunting in freshwater. This is an amazing series for anglers who want to experience inshore fishing.

This fishing rod is specifically designed to bear the power and give the control that is required in inshore fishing, including small back creek trout or it could be beach striped bass. These rods are made up of 3-Ton graphite blanks to maximize durability, power, and life.

As I mentioned above, Fenwick rods have a great crook grip. Also, these rods have a double locking nuts feature that ensures an angler that he has locked the reels securely. Its alconite guides enhance the blank for better precision casting and line management.

This series also covers a huge number of rods that differ from each other according to their power and characteristics:

  • Medium Lt with 7’
  • Medium 7’
  • Medium-heavy 7’
  • Medium 7’6’’
  • Medium-heavy 7’6’’

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 is constructed of fiberglass, to give a smooth touching experience, with its blank reel seat made up of high modulus graphite. Well, I get clumsy while fishing but Ugly Stik got my back every time. It is highly durable due to its material. Although previous versions of Ugly Stik were the reliable ones too, this one has more portion of graphite and in my opinion it is one of the best spinning rod.

Comparing this version with the older one, it was like an old-school ceramic kind of rod that had its inserts made up of ceramic, which was easy to destroy. This time, Ugly Stik has a stainless steel design which is 2 times more durable as compared to its older version and very difficult to break.

This version has increased the sensitivity that makes it possible to catch a better number of fishes. You can feel the slightest strike of stealthier fishes too. It is possible because of the clear-tip, that makes the experience smoother.

You can also wipe the corroded eyelets as they began to rust after continuous usage for many years. But that’s not a huge issue because it’s just a wipe away.

One most important thing is that it comes with a 7-year warranty. Like who doesn’t want to backup themselves or 7 years?

Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Spinning Rod

We all look for strength and durability when it comes to spending money on rods and this is what Lew’s custom offers. It is made up of 85 million modulus graphite that guarantees its sensitivity to identify the fish coughing (I am not bragging, promise) and power to tow a truck.

It is a light weighted fishing rod that will accompany you in a small fish catch, even if it’s a frog or a big fish catch. The rod isn’t tacky, and I am a real big fan of classy and ancient type things. I was impressed with its black and silver grip color.

Although the rod isn’t very cheap and might be a little costly, but features it offers within this price range are exceptional.

Despite so many positive factors, the rod could have been better if it had a hook hanger. It only has one built-in hook hanger that is suitable for a medium fish catch only.


These are some of the good options in the market when it comes to the best spinning rods. Your pocket matters a lot. However, being a beginner it’s better to start with baby steps and then land to something huge.

Best Spinning Rods – Reviews, Specs and Features

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