Best Fishing Kayak – Reviews, Specs and Features

Well, imagine being in the middle of the sea or water, without a very reliable source of transportation, what can be the consequences? You can literally lose your life. In case you randomly choose any Kayak, and splashed into the water immediately, without considering its specifications, features, and reliability; it will cost your life. For this reason, you need to read a professional opinion about best fishing kayak. In this article, you are going to get plenty of options, to choose within your budget and according to your needs.

Just because I am fond of fishing, I own a huge collection of latest Best Fishing Kayaks. I take out each Kayak on a different occasion, as per my needs. Each Kayak has a different specification for paddles, pedals, track mounts, or rod holders.

As an angler, I believe that the best fishing Kayak is the one that is most comfortable, durable (because we don’t want to waste our money), and light in weight (otherwise you need volunteers to help you).

Today, I am going to share my experiences with each kayak. This will help you in getting a neutral opinion about each Kayak.

Best Fishing Kayaks

Prowler BG 2 Angler

Prowler BG 2 Angler; a dream coming true, as an angler. When I got to know that Kayak is in the market, I just couldn’t sleep to get this as it is the best fishing kayak according to me. Trust me, I am not bragging. Read it and find it yourself.

The first thing that convinces me for Prowler BG 2 Angler is that it has a lot of space in it. When I say “A LOT OF”, I really mean it. It is not a small, congested Kayak, but a very comfortable and a lot of capacity. This benefits me when I need to carry equipment along with me, a few friends, and food (of course, I am a foodie). We freely place our equipment and other important accessories.

The second impressive thing about Prowler BG 2 Angler is that we don’t need to worry about harsh weather conditions. We know it will support us even is rough weather; either it is rough water condition or worst wind condition. We can absolutely rely on its stability. Also, we can enjoy fishing at night too. As I mentioned above, we don’t need to worry about high tides (until the condition is worst), we also don’t need to think about the time of the day. As we believe that it is our true friend.

Moreover, its awe-inspiring thing is the element seating that it offers. Now the reader would wonder why it is so. Let me explain. You go to the sea or beaches for a relaxing experience. This is what element seating offers. You can stretch your back to the fullest on this adjustable seat, relax and enjoy the breath-taking view.

Also, it comes with the rescue i.e. battery storage bags. So you don’t need to worry about batteries and stuff, because it is assisting you itself. Its bow hatch is clicked seal covered. What else you want?

Well, one thing that the seller warned us about was that it might not be suitable for more than 70 lbs. So you need to take care of that.

Native Ultimate FX Propel 13

The ultimate goal of Native Ultimate FX Propel 13 is “Go big, or go home”. This type of Fishing Kayak has the feature of reversibility. This is the only kayak that is peddle driven and offers 4.2 miles per hour. You know what? When we brought this kayak and drive into the sea, we were totally enjoying the experience, until we realized that we already late and need to reach somewhere very urgently. Hence, this kayak offered to push it to 5.2 miles per hour.

Hence in case, you need to escape from something or reach the shore before the dawn, so you can drive 5.2 miles per hour too. This feature is for emergency cases or if you need to hurry.

Out of my collection, this is the propel 13 excels that weighs 62-pounds (excluding the drive unit), with the 13-foot pedal, and easily transportable. Its weight makes it very easy to carry for trips and vacations. Something that makes it more reliable is its body. Its body is very rigid that guarantees its strength and promises to accompany in harsh conditions.

As an angler, I enjoy fishing in Native Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak because it keeps my hand free. I and my friends often joke about it that it is a hand free Kayak. It keeps my hand free for fishing.  It totally relies on your strong muscles. So yeah, a plus point for this.

Talking about its capacity, it can bear up to 400 pounds, which is approximately 181 Kg. It also has a fitted transducer mount under the hull. Of course, the transducer’s importance is undeniable. It gives 100% reading, which is more convenient instead of reading through the hull.  If we don’t have a built-in transducer then we need to apply a sufficient amount of marine or silicon and stick transducer to it. So this whole process is a little more hectic and annoying. So it’s better if we have a built-in transducer.

And yes! The most important part that I love is that unloading and loading isn’t a huge task while we are using Native Ultimate FX Propel 13. It has an open deck. So either we have to load equipment, or take-off equipment, this process isn’t annoying.

But the absence of a skid plate has made my kayak a little damaged from the bottom. I guess it would have got 10/10 if a skid plate was present to protect its underside against the ground. But other than that i recommend it and rate it as one of best fishing kayak.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

Since the beginning, paddling along with fishing with a rod has been very annoying for me. I’ve always looked for something that would give me a hand-free option. Well, Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 was a wish coming true; as this kayak offers a very convenient experience of its users. Instead of using my hands, I can paddle it with my feet (a good feet workout in fact). This also helps in getting things done a lot faster and efficiently.

Of course, apart from a hand-free experience, there are a lot more things to be considered. So talking about its specification, it has a length of 12 feet and spread horizontally (width) up to 36 inches. It has a shallowness of 20 inches. Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Kayak is 105 pounds heavy and can bear up to 500 pounds (226 KG).

Its armchair seat style enables you to keep a strict eye over your opposition while fishing competition. You can increase or uplift your chair up to 5 inches. I discovered this feature when my dad won the fishing competition, as he could clearly notice me due to being seated at height. The seats are comfortable too. You can stretch your back to the fullest and relax. Also, the uplifting of the seat doesn’t make your clothes wet instead of if you are sitting nearer to the deck.

As a foodie and a very anxious person, I always carry plenty of food, water, and extra accessories with me. So a very utilitarian feature that Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Kayak offers is that its storage well has an 8-inch sealed hatch to keep the valuables safe from water. Its bungee cords enable us to carry huge items like coolers or stuff like that.

As an angler, I advise that this might not be the best option if you are simply looking for a recreational pedal craft for infrequent use. Because then you can go for some other options that are less expensive and will be best suited for you.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is a perfect start for beginners. This Kayak makes the beginner feel easy and comfortable while paddling. Like, whenever a beginner asks me for a suggestion, I straight away suggest them Sun Dolphin Aruba 10.

Okay, so I don’t want sound mean, but the reality is that Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 isn’t for pro-paddlers. It has basic features that an occasional rider or a beginner might need. Although it comes with very limited features still it has all the necessary features to fulfill the rider’s need.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak has a height of 10 ft. and a width of 2 ft. It can only carry one person at a time. This fishing kayak is made up of high-quality polythene that can resist water obstacles like rocks. Even if it gets dented or damaged, it can easily be mended at home.

Of course, trans-portability matters. Hence, it only weights 40 lbs. Carrying Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is not a very difficult task. It can bear up to 250 lbs. So a plus point for its portability. It is an ideal choice for fishing in rivers and lakes.

Well, ouch! My back hurts because the seat isn’t too comfy. For sure, I am carrying a cushion or back care next time. This is because Sun Dolphin Aruba 10’s seats don’t have padding. You can’t sit for a very long period, otherwise, your back is going to hurt like mines.

Secondly, I mentioned that it is very light in weight. It is easy to carry but I don’t think so that it will be able to stand against the harsh waves that go high and low every moment. For such waves, I’d never suggested Sun Dolphin Aruba 10.

Lastly, it comes with a 2-year warranty.  This gives peace of mind to the buyers. To wind up, I’d say that the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak is only a good option for beginners, who need to relax at rivers or lakes by paddling and breathing in fresh breathe. Otherwise, pro anglers would get annoyed with this Kayak.

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Pro AE1055

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Pro AE1055 Kayak is for those who prioritize stability and trans-portability in their kayaks. Being a drop-stitch kayak it has higher inflation and pressure as compared to the PVC floor. Now of course, as it has a higher pressure, it can stand more on a rigid floor and improves the paddling experience. Yet, I am super impressed with Straitedge Angler Pro AE1055 Kayak because of its drop-stitch element.

Secondly, during the fish hunt adventure the more organized you are, the more you enjoy. Hence, this fishing kayak comes with an accessory frame system. You can keep your accessories like fishing rods very organized. The accessory frame offers you to attach fish finders, GPS, and anything else in your accessory list.

Straitedge Angler Pro AE1055 Kayak is a five-chambered hull that has a built-in aluminum rib in the bow. Also, it has the abrasion pad improves durability. It is 320 cm long, 98 cm wider, and weighs 45 lbs. It can bear up to 181kgs.

Oh well! Unlike Sun Dolphin Aruba, it does have a very comfortable seat. After the Sun Dolphin Aruba, I shared my experience with our fishing kayak seller. Then he suggested going for this kayak because its seat is a high-backed, made up of an aluminum frame and inflatable lumbar support bladder. When I sat on this seat, I could clearly feel the difference. My back wasn’t aching. So yeah, thumbs here!

Sadly, it doesn’t have any waterproof compartments. But then I found it has 2 spacious bungee-laced decks, and that made up of stainless steel. So it kept my gear secure from water and getting it wet. Otherwise, this fishing kayak does have generous storage space. Moreover, it is not saline water-resistant. So don’t you even think of taking it into salty water. You also need to be very careful so its spring valves don’t leak.

Sevylor Quikpak K5

Let’s talk about my bag-pack; oh wait, its Sevylor Quikpak K5. Well, I call it a bag pack. I’ll convince you why. You can transform it in the way you want. It comes in a bag pack shape. From a bag pack, it converts into a seat, then transforms into a skirt and then into a fishing Kayak. Then you can wind it up to a bag pack again. For its trans-portability, I’ll give two thumbs up.

Setting up this type of Kayak is very simple. To begin, inflate the floor chamber, then the DIN Chamber, and then finally the main outside chamber. It is 10 feet x 2 feet 10 inches in size and weighs 25.5 pounds. It can bear up to one person only.

I personally like it because it is made up of tarpaulin and polyester to help it resist rugged obstacles. It also prevents punctures and abrasions. Safety is guaranteed as in case if one of the chambers gets affected, the other two are for the rescue. This increases stability. Moreover, it has the airtight system to make it leak-proof and doesn’t leak.

As an angler, I’ve paddled in many kayaks. Unfortunately, paddles in this kayak don’t keep to be very durable, rigid, or friendly. Their shelf-life is very low. Also, the seat isn’t very comfortable.

Although it has 2 locks for easy inflation and deflation, packing up is very annoying. Here’s the most frustrating part. Despite so many pros, when it is wet, it is very difficult to carry. Moreover, the cover isn’t waterproof and neither has any drain holes. So you need to wait the whole day long until dries up and you can finally pack it up and keep it safe.

I’ll advise that this Sevylor Quikpak K5 is for occasional fish hunters or only for beginners who want to give a shot to fishing. It is an ideal choice for beginners to dive into the lakes or rivers with this Kayak.  Otherwise, pro or expert fish hunters won’t be able to enjoy the experience.

I have often seen anglers complaining that the grip on paddles isn’t too comfortable and it causes blisters. So you need to carry a pair of gloves for sure. Also, many people don’t like hand pumps, so you need to keep a foot pump too. There is a wide range of gloves and pumps in the market. After all that, i can say that it is one of the best fishing kayak in the market.


I own a huge collection of Kayaks because I’ve been grown up in an environment, where everyone; including my ancestors were very fond of fishing. During my teenage, we always went on fishing as our vacation. I believe, fishing is a huge escape from everyday boring 9 to 5 routine.

I hope this review about best fishing kayak was helpful for you. Let us know in the comment section which Kayak do you prefer the most along with reasons too. Just in case if I missed any kayak and you are interested in knowing about it, please let us know the comment section. We’ll surely come up with a review of your favorite Kayak.

Best Fishing Kayak – Reviews, Specs and Features

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